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We use a wide range of facilitation methods to host groups and meetings, both physical and online. We design and facilitate interactive events and structured participatory processes. We develop trainings to transfer methods and tools.


We carry out qualitative surveys and feasibility studies. We apply research tools to innovate policies and programs, support projects and plans and improve services and organizational processes.


We support groups, communities and organizations in co-creating, designing, transforming and managing collective spaces, housing, urban and rural commons and innovative services, accompanying collaboration as a trigger for innovation.

Our team works every day with local authorities, enterprises, organizations and institutions to create opportunities for meaningful participation of their community members, staff, users, beneficiaries, partners and volunteers.

Meet our team

Our team

Social research, data and network analysis, conflict management.

Maria Fabbri

Public policies, management of multi-stakeholder processes.

Silvia Givone

Public space, participatory urban planning, collaborative living.

Giulia Maraviglia

contracts, partner relations.

Chiara Missikoff

Administration, contracts, partner relations.

Chiara Montoci

Facilitation of international groups and training.

Margherita Mugnai

Participatory urban planning, the commons, collaborative living.

Cristian Pardossi

Design thinking
and social impact.

Francesco Ranghiasci

Conflict mediation
and participatory methodologies.

Lorenza Soldani

Qualitative research
and communication.

Nicolò Di Bernardo

Animazione di comunità,
abitare collaborativo
e ricerca sociale.

Irene Ieri

Social research, migration
and gender issues.

Giulia Fioravanti

Participatory urban planning and urban regeneration.

Enrico Russo

Pianificazione urbanistica partecipata,
rigenerazione urbana
e animazione di comunità.

Raffaella Toscano

Ricerca sociale, migrazioni
e tematiche di genere.

Neusa Tsimba

We collaborate with professionals whose complementary skills help us increase the impact of our work. Among them:

Ingrid Lamminpää – Graphics and animation –      Andrea Musco – Web Development –