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Designing a participatory process for an urban strategic plan

Designing a participatory process for an urban strategic plan

Prato al futuro is a communication and participation project of the Prato Municipality in Tuscany, promoted to support the drafting of the City Urban Strategic Plan.
The process we designed allowed hundreds of participants to engage around four thematic challenges: Urban Connections; Environment and agriculture; Urban Regeneration; Public Spaces. The activities and results of the project ensured the drafting of a Strategic Plan that can respond to the needs of the population, while also enhancing sustainability , innovation and regeneration.

We supported the Municipality in creating a dense program of interactive spaces – physical and virtual – to facilitate dialogue and encounters between local residents, civil society organisations, professionals, entrepreneurs, national and international experts on urban issues.

We created a calendar of events that stimulated collective reflection with different types of participatory activities. Interactive Crowdlab® events; “pop up” urban initiatives such as urban trekking, urban art installations, temporary reopenings of abandoned buildings; an outreach mobile hub to gather insights and recommendations from local residents on a large interactive map; thematic multi-stakeholder groups to address themes and sub-themes and facilitate an integrated approach; workshops dedicated to professionals to reflect on specific challenges and encourage a continuous harvesting and translation of results into the Strategic Plan.

The Strategic Plan emerged from the process is a recognize innovative practice in the field of urban planning, it received an award in 2019 by the national initiative Urban Promo and with its specific focus on “children needs in planning the city” earned the city of Prato the UNICEF award for Child Friendly City.

A project promoted and financed by the Municipality of Prato and carried out by Sociolab, Image and Controradio.

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