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Co-creating a regional reception policy

Co-creating a regional reception policy

#Accoglienzatoscana is a project developed by the Regional Government of Tuscany in collaboration with ANCI Toscana and aimed at the participatory and collaborative design and implementation of regional policies for the reception of third-country nationals.  

The objectives of this ambitious regional programme are collected in the White Paper on reception policies for asylum seekers and international or humanitarian protection holders. These guidelines supported the development of several regional projects, allowed the redesign of the professional profile of intercultural mediator in Tuscany and laid the groundwork for a  Regional Law dedicated to reception policies. Thanks to this programme, over 40 innovative projects to promote inclusion and social cohesion throughout the Tuscan territory have been funded. 

We designed and facilitated the participatory process the lead to the drafting of the White Paper, guaranteeing the direct participation and involvement of all local and regional actors and stakeholders, allowing the mapping and emergence of local good practices, facilitating the involvement and continuous collaboration of local Municipalities, NGOs, reception centres, grassroots organizations, cultural mediators, universities, enterprises and cooperatives, trade associations and other umbrella institutions and networks.

The process started in 2017 with a one day event bringing together 280 participants in 12 facilitated working groups and lasted three years to ensure the actual implementation of the objectives and actions of the White Paper on reception policies in Tuscany.

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